Thursday, May 13, 2010


I admit I write infrequently during the winter months when there is not much going on in the garden. I've got no such excuse lately. And I think I am even worse in the springtime when there is so much excitement and something new everyday.

We've had a few nice, warm days and the plants are really starting to take off. So I've been outside as much as possible. And I was fairly preoccupied with building, placing and filling the boxes at the front of the yard.

Now I feel like I am playing catch up. I just planted sweet peas today. And I haven't even started zinnias and marigolds.

Sunflower volunteers are coming up in the back and front yard, along with lots of Calendulas.
And the currant bush has formed tiny fruits.

One of the apple trees in the back yard is loaded with miniature apples. And this from a tree that didn't even blossom last year.

I transplanted the Yuzu tree into the ground. It's leaves were yellowing and I thing it may have been suffering from wet feet in the pot. I also planted the hardy kiwi in the ground, and it too is full of promising blossoms. If it fruits this year it will be a first.

Kale is in full swing, great for juicing and kale chips, as well as more conventional treatments like with sausage and pasta.

And as if I need more distractions, our local Moreland Farmer's Market kicked off the summer season last Wednesday.

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