Monday, March 24, 2008

The Oregano is coming on strong, in several places. I have a feeling this is one of those herbs once planted that I'll never be without. I am still using dried from last summer too. Also Tarragon has come back, looking great.

I must start the San Marzano Roma Tomato seeds soon, as well as the basil and shiso. Shiso or Perilla is in the mint family and is prevalent in Japanese cooking. I just think it's a beautifule plant.

This photo of beautiful red shiso is generously shared by orgazmik on flickr.

In Between the Showers

Peas are coming up, shelling peas, snap pea pods and sweet peas for flowers. The rapini and spinach are doing well under the cold frames.

I got 2 cubic yards of mushroom compost and spread it around the garden beds just before we got another round of rains. I'm ready for March to Leave Like a Lamb, as they say.

In the mini greenhouse the raddicchio has just sprouted, 3 kinds. I'm very excited about this. I know most people don't grow raddicchio, let alone 3 varieties, it's just so beautiful and good in salads and on the grill. But being cheap I couldn't stand paying $6.99 for a wild cousin of lettuce. It's a chicory actually. Here's an article from Gourmet Magazine about the man who grows more raddicchio than anyone in the world.
How To Tame A Wildflower

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bad Me, No Writing, Just Staring at Chicks

They are really growing and starting to look like little chickens.

Scarlet, Fonzie, and Queenie are all growing big girl feathers. Scarlett likes to fly up and perch on the edge of the box, when the lid is off. Fonzie has taken to giving herself dustbaths and Queenie likes to splash water around the joint.

I give them a few treats, but try to make sure they are still eating plenty of their chick kibble. They like, no love worms, they are real protein whores. One will grab the worm and the other 2 will chase. When I make sure they all 3 have their own worm they still run around, not realizing that they are not being chased.

They like strips of carrot peel, because it looks like a worm, and they like rolled oats too.

Here are a few pictures of the big girls.