Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You Call This Spring?

Still waiting for it to warm up a little. We've had a couple of teaser days above 70 degrees, but most of the time it's high 50s.

I've been soldiering on, planting plenty of cool weather crops, the broccoli rabe and raddicchio are doing great. Ad the arugula and other lettuces are in full production. So we've been enjoying fresh salads every night.

But really, come on, it's time for a shift to warmer weather . I bought tomato plants and put them in the ground last weekend, even though I'm sure they are not enjoying the weather. I may have to shroud the cages in plastic bags to give them a tiny bit of insulation.

The girls are outside for good now, and they seem to be enjoying it, especially The Fonz, who is almost twice the size of the other 2. And we are definitely enjoying having them outside the house.

I keep a light on in the coop at night to give them a little warmth. Temps are in the high 40s. They have not figured out how to get inside the coop at night, so I put them in and close the door. In the morning they all rush the door to get out.

The little black kitty in the above photos is Mel. Mel was a stray and is our newest addition to the menagerie. She is VERY interested in the chickens and spend a great deal of time studying them everyday.