Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ick, What Is It?

This was oozing out between the boards of one of the raised beds the other day. Kind of gooey, with little bubbles or beads. When it first appeared it looked like scrambled eggs. As it dried it turned reddish brown. The crack research team here at Backyard Farm, aka my dear husband, found it immediately online.

It's called Slime Mold, although it's not actually a mold, it's a fungus.
Here's a link with lots of info
Fun Facts About Fungi

Turns out it's harmless, and should disappear once the weather warms and dries up. It is usually caused by shredded wood products common in compost.

Besides seeping out between the boards, it has also oozed up through the burlap that covers many of my raised beds. That little puddle of cream at the edge of the bed is the slime.

The burlap started out as an attempt to keep cats from digging in the raised beds. But I am thinking it will also act as a mulch preserving moisture and protecting the soil from caking over.

And as I watch a passing spring shower pummel the plants I am happy that the burlap is preventing the plants from being splattered with mud, which can cause mildew problems.


Ficurinia said...

Very cool. This is not one of the fungus among us that I've met before and I've met a few over the years. Hope the sun comes out soon to bake it into oblivion.

Rachel said...

I've seen that in front of our office building a few times and always wondered what it was. Thanks for sharing!