Thursday, May 13, 2010

Best Day of the Year

It has become one of my favorite traditions. My sister in law Rhonda and I make our lists, drain our bank accounts and head south to Canby for the Master Gardeners Spring Garden Fair. It's held on the first Saturday in May and it really makes the beginning of the summer garden season official.

We stock up on tomato and pepper starts, along with anything else that catches our fancy. We eat sausages and pulled pork and sometimes sneak into the volunteer area for a cookie.

But the most fun is observing the assorted conveyances that people use to haul their botanical finds. This year a new pinnacle of ingenuity was achieved. And here's your winner.
No it doesn't belong to Rhonda, but she sure wishes it did. We don't know if that upper bucket was actually able to carry any weight. Seems doubtful. And yes, those are recycling bins.

And here are a we felt deserved honorable mention. Note the creative use of toolbox and coffee holder on the Radio Flyer.

We also like to see what THE Hot plant of the year is. This year it was a Salvia called "Hot Lips", which had sprays of garish red and white flowers. The vendor couldn't haul them out fast enough. And folks weren't just buying 1 or 2, they were filling carts with this curious plant.

Best of all, this year we added a new tradition; taking advantage of the MG parking lot. We flashed our badges and in we went. I'm already looking forward to next year.

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