Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Got Punk'd

...by my own chickens.

At some point this morning I became aware of a lack of squawking coming from the chicken coop. Usually they wake up eat a little chicken chow and start asking to be let out into the larger, open run. But this morning they were silent, ominously silent. I immediately imagined some awful carnage had taken place and it must be because of negligence on my part.

I approached cautiously and strained to hear any sounds coming from the coop. Nothing. I checked the latches and doors to see if any breach was visible. All appeared to be in order, but still no sounds.

Filled with dread at what I might find inside, I slipped the latch and slowly pulled the front door open, ready to fend off a sated raccoon if necessary.

And what did I find inside the coop? 1 warm egg and 3 calm, intact hens, with expressions on their faces as if to say "what?, we're just hanging out in the coop, why are you freaking out?" I think I saw one of them elbow the other and roll her eyes.

So I let them out, treated them to an extra big serving of cracked corn, as a way of acknowledging their brilliant prank. Pure genius, cunningly conceived and flawlessly executed. As good as The Sting.


Kate said...

Oh, how cute. I would have been worried, too, fearing the worst. They got ya!

AJK said...

aww, maybe they were in awe of the new "baby" egg, quietly adoring it..hehe

Anonymous said...

你的部落格感覺很棒,nice job!........................................