Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Bird Action

I've done a better job of maintaining bird feeders and baths this winter, much to the delight of my 2 new feline ornithologists. And as a result there are lots of birds to watch everyday, Bushtits, Goldfinches, Downy Woodpeckers and lots of Chickadees.

Lately there have been flocks of Dark Eyed Juncos foraging in the front and backyard. I'm very happy to see them, since they feed on the ground and I see them eating seeds from the clover that has taken over many of my paths and planting areas.

I know it's my own fault, because when I weed this clover it shoots seeds everywhere, so I feel like I'm doing more harm than good. I'm not just trying to justify not weeding. So I am happy to see the juncos disposing of the seeds for these evil weeds and enjoying a snack at the same time. Just another example of good delegating.

PS Cats are kept indoors while ground foragers are in the yard.


JP said...

how funny that clover is a bane in your yard, whereas I want it in mine. We have dense clay and the clover (or at least certain varieties) has such long penetrating roots tat help loosen the soil. I've never thought about what will happen once our lawn is - maybe then I'll regret that I introduced it!

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