Monday, August 10, 2009

Roller Coaster Temps

Following the rope-a-dope weather we have had lately, the plants seem to be recovering. At the end of July we had a hot spell, with temperatures over a hundred degrees for several days in a row. Portlanders were wilting and whining, and the plants faired a little better. But the intense heat stunned them.

The beans have blossoms again, after a short period of no beans and no flowers. We're back to normal with temperatures in the high 70s and cool nights. Perfect Oregon summer.

Tomatoes continue to ripen, even though there aren't very many, as I have mention previously. And cucumbers are back in full production. Strangely the zucchinis, which we are usually up to our necks in by now, have not grown much and have not produced many squashes. The plants have not sprawled across other plants the way they usually do, engulfing all in their path. Having a zucchini shortage is downright WEIRD. Like Bizarro World.

But it's great time for planting seeds. The seeds for greens, lettuces, beets, etc. that I planted last Thursday have begun to sprout, with almost no duds. Warmer weather makes all the difference. Sprouting seeds at this time of year deludes me into thinking I have some control over nature. Powerful and terrifying.

The seeds lurk under the thin covering of soil for what seems like only minutes before they spring up, enthusiastically.

In the cold, wet, dark days of spring, trying to get a head start by sprouting seeds indoors is much harder work. I find myself peering at the cells of the seed starting try, imagining that I see the tiny crooked necked sprouts struggling to pierce the surface of the soil and strain towards the dim light coming in the window for maybe 6 hours a day.

I'm happy to have the first batch of plants started for fall and winter grazing.

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