Monday, August 31, 2009

Big, Big Zuke

Every year one or two zucchini get away from me. Either I miss the perfect harvest window or they are hidden from view or I can't think of which neighbor to offer another zucchini. But somehow they avoid getting picked. Once they achieve a girth not normally seen in the grocery store, I can't resist, I just have to let 'em go to see how big they'll get. It's not like I can't spare few squashes in the name of science.

I must have few of the kooky giant pumpkin growing genes, but I don't set out to grow gigantic veg, it just happens. I think the current world record is 1689 pounds. My zucchini are not that big.

So here's a Romanesco zucchini and a yellow squash that achieved greatness. The sprinkler head is added to give scale.

I like to name them after those big trucks with the giant wheels that drive over piles of cars. So these 2 are called Grrrrravedigger and Widowmaker.

Stella and Kaitlyn Stella and Kaitlyn demonstrate that kids do indeed love over sized vegetables.

And this is the view as I look up from my patio on a gorgeous September day.

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