Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring Garden Fair Part 2

Some More Carts and a Note on Vendors
A few more carts for your viewing enjoyment.

New Fangled,

Old Fangled

Just Plain Fangled

Part of what I love about the Spring Garden Fair is seeing the same vendors every year. We always go to the same tomato lady for most of our plants. She has a good selection of varieties, some of the old reliables we grow every year, like Sungold, Early Girl, Oregon Star. She also has new types every year, to keep things interesting. She isn't chatty and doesn't smile, which makes her a peculiar salesperson.

She had her daughter making change for customers this year. But the kid could have benefited from a quick arithmetic review the previous night. I paid with a $20 for $14 worth of tomato plants. She had some trouble making change, and her mother just looked at me and said, "I guess it's going to be a long weekend". She didn't smile, but I think I saw a twinkle in her eye.

There is a regular basil guy, from whom we bought lemongrass plants one year. My half of the plant has turned into 4 plants in 3 years. And on the opposite side of the fair is the pepper and herb lady we buy from every year.

Among the non-plant related offerings is the rusty tool and junk stall, where I bought an old, handmade looking rusty trowel. A few years ago I bought one of my favorite tools there. It is a heart shaped hoe head. I use it for weeding, planting, and busting up dirt clods.

Then there is the novelty category, including the folks who sell the Amazing Stacking Pot thingy. It's a stick they poke through the bottom or ordinary clay pots. The pots rest against each other at an angle, one on top of the other. Et Voila! They pimp it like it is an astounding invention, a la K-tel. That's NOT an invention, it's a piece of re-bar for God's sake with clay pots threaded onto it.

SOS, our favorite category. Stuff (substitute your own word here, but it should begin with an "s") on a Stick. As long as it's on the end of a stick people will put anything in their yards. Here's the proof. Besides the obligatory glass balls and teacups there were these.

Not sure who might buy this, except people who are planning ahead for their office Christmas party gift exchange.

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