Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Peas, Pepper Update and the Tale of the Little Apple

The gorgeous weather over the last few days has caused writing about gardening to be rather sparse. Please accept my apologies. But I hope you are out in your own gardens and not in front of the computer.

Lovely Peonies, one of the many splendors of spring.

PEAS! The first ones of the season.
I'm pretty sure these were not here yesterday. But I noticed them today while watering. That's one reason I like to water by hand, it really forces me to take, long, close up looks at the plants. I know it is easier and more efficient to set up watering systems and maybe someday I will, but for now I love discovering new developments while watering.

And here are the Manzano Peppers, related to the Rocoto. They seem to be thriving despite getting a little sunburned in the mini greenhouse. The Rocoto seeds are stewing on the seed starting heat mat and I hope to see them poke their little heads up soon. Updates to follow.

And yes, the little apple seems to be growing into a teenager. The brothers of this tree did not blossom this year, so there will be no fruit. I can only attribute this to the fact that they different varieties, Cox's Orange Pippin and Hudson's Golden Gem. Both trees are bigger that the Northern Spy and they look healthy.

It won't be long now until we'll be enjoying juicy, fragrant strawberries.

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