Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hardy Plant Society

I am always looking to add plants that provide food and are not tender annuals that die off, leaving the yard a barren bog. And I especially love plants that are kind of automatic food producers, like the arugula, which happily and continuously reseeds itself, and the Jerusalem artichokes, which multiply like rabbits and have a pretty flower for the bees.

Here are some of the treasures I brought home from the Hardy Plant Society sale yesterday.

Society Garlic, Variegated
(Tulbaghia violacea variegatal)
It's a beautiful grass like plant, with striped leaves, light green and white. And the leaves can be used like chives, in soups or salads. So it fits all my criteria; interesting looking, fairly hardy and has culinary applications.

Licorice Sweet Flag
(Acorus gramineus)
Another grassy looking one, I must be on some kind of a jag. Good in moist soil, and I've got plenty of that. The entire plant is licorice scented and can be used in Asian cooking.

Hardy Kiwi (Assai)

My neighbors have the more familiar fuzzy kiwi, which are great, but I have been searching for the smaller, smooth skin kiwi that can be eaten like a grape. I thought that all kiwis needed male and female plants to fruit, but this dandy variety is self fruiting. I'm very excited about this addition.

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