Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Although I Complain, I Love the Rain

As eager as I am for the weather to warm up and the rain to stop, I've got to count myself lucky to live in a place where water is not yet a problem. In a growing number of places in the world access to fresh water is a problem. And it may become the source of armed conflicts, and resource wars.

Tension is growing between India and Pakistan, over water, among other things. And the UN cites 46 countries where water and climate stresses my ignite wars and conflict.

Closer to home dry states are trying to figure out how to get water from wet states. California Governor Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency due to the ongoing drought and water rationing has been proposed. I used to live in San Diego, so I follow this issue with particular interest.

So spring will come when it's ready and I will stop grousing about the cool weather and the rain. Signs of spring abound and I have resolved to appreciate them as they appear. Here are a few.

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