Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gardener Exchange

Last Saturday my sister in law hosted an exchange for all her gardening friends. What a great idea. People brought plants, seeds, books, magazines, pots, snacks and lots of enthusiasm for growing stuff.

She invited lots of gardening friends to bring things to trade with other gardening nuts.

Everybody brought something different. Some of it was funny, some of it was scary. Like the lemonbalm someone brought. I have been battling lemonbalm in my garden for 3 years.

The plants were loosely grouped alphabetically by common name.
And for the adventurously minded there was a section of Mystery Plants

All in all it was a huge success and all who attended agreed it would be great to do this every year.

And there were seeds, lots and lots of seeds.

I came away happy, having scored some hops, crocosmia, thyme, large pots, books. But the best part was meeting new gardening friends and sharing our enthusiasm and excitement about the summer gardening season just around the corner. And mercifully it didn't rain.

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