Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Taste of Summer in One Tiny Bite

Sungold cherry tomatoes, yum. What could possibly taste more like the very essence of a summer day...

Unless of course you think ripe, juicy peaches taste more like summer.

For me it's tomatoes, the smell of the plant as you brush against it, moving the leaves aside to get at the hidden treasure. The aroma of the rip fruit as you bring it up to your nose.

All my tomato plants are loaded with fruit, some are ripe and some are not yet. I just hope I am able to keep up as the ripening speeds up. Don't worry, I have some strategies fo dealing with an abundance of delicious home grown delights.

I pop the cherry toms like candy as I walk the garden, but my absolute favorite way to enjoy ripe tomatoes is on good bread with home made mayo and lots of salt and pepper. If the tomaotes are really juicy, you may need to enjoy this treat while leaning over the sink.

Hope you are hip deep in tomaotes by now.

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