Friday, April 27, 2007

What's Bugging the Bees?

Here's one possible answer.  The mysterious disappearance of bees (aka pollintors) is a problem we must solve. It's not just about the honey.  Without bees flowers go unpollintaed, and that means much lower crop yields.

Fungus may be behind the loss of bees - Earthtimes.org

Fungus may be behind the loss of bees
Earthtimes.org - 4 hours ago
Diana Cox-Foster of Pennsylvania State University said the pathogen was one of the many being studies for possible role in the annihilation of bees. ...
UCSF RESEARCH: Fungus Killing The Nation's Honey Bees KTVU.com
Experts may have found what's bugging the bees amNewYork
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mscir said...

Maybe the bees are rejecting an environment that is too toxic to live in, they are sprayed, poisoned, and drugged, and that's just in their homes! Instead of "getting lost", maybe they're finding new homes where they won't be poisoned by humans.