Monday, April 23, 2007

Urban Vegetable Gardening

You really can do a lot with a little. Urban gardeners everywhere are growing their own food.

Be determined to grow at least some of your own food.

Be creative in looking for growing opportunities around your yard or patio or even indoors.

Be flexible, be resourceful.

The payoff is tremendous. It's relaxing, it's meditative and the feeling of eating food you have grown yourself is enormously gratifying. And good for you.

Ithacans embrace urban gardening - Ithaca Journal

Ithacans embrace urban gardening
Ithaca Journal, NY - Apr 18, 2007
ITHACA — As spring planting season begins, some Ithaca gardeners say they don't need big plots in the country to grow vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs. ...

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