Friday, October 30, 2009

Cute Fruit

This is, quite possibly, the most adorable vegetable I have ever grown. Although it is technically classified as a fruit, allowing my, oh so clever title. Everything about them is miniature, which I find irresistible. Tiny curlicue climbing tendrils, itty bitty yellow flowers, and small, ivy-like leaves. And the fruits themselves look just like a watermelon, perfect for Tom Thumb.

They are bite-sized, crunchy, and just the slightest bit sour.

This is another treat from Territorial Seeds. It's the Mexican Sour Gherkin, listed in their catalog under "Novelty Cucumbers".

Were I in the business of coaxing children to eat vegetables I would use this as a secret weapon. And I feel justified in writing about these dainty treats on the cusp of November, because the plants are still bearing fruit. I don't know of too many cukes that can accomplish that feat this late in the season.


Helen said...

Definitely a cute fruit. And your cute title lured me in, so it worked!

Sylvana said...

It IS adorable!! The name doesn't make me want to grow it as I am neither a fan of sour or gherkins, but it is just too attractive to not want to grow it!

Beth said...

It was nice going through your blog. enjoyed the treat from Territorial Seeds. the picture of "Novelty Cucumbers" looks great. keep on sharing. Iflorist.co.uk

Sue Swift said...

Love gherkins - but have only had them pickled. Would love to try them raw.
Found you through Blotanical - hope we'll see you there a lot!

Kate said...

Love that! I wonder if it could be a candidate for short growing seasons?

AJK said...

cute! wouldn't it be even cuter if they had watermelons that small you could pop into your mouth?