Thursday, July 22, 2010

We Were Promised Tomatoes

Well, maybe not promised, but lead to expect maybe. It seems that most years, by this time we are smacking our lips and wiping tomato juice form our chins. Feasting on Caprese salads every night and hanging over the sink eating tomato sandwiches, on homemade bread, with homemade mayonnaise.

But no. All we have so far are gigantic, leafy, overachieving tomato PLANTS.
Okay, I can't honestly say there are no tomatoes, here are some Sungold cherry tomatoes on tone of the plants. They are currently the size of peas.

The beans are playing the same game. Lots of lush, healthy, leafy growth, but no beans, no flowers even. It won't be long though, and just like every year, we probably won't be able to keep up with the abundance.

Until then at least I've got theses lovelies.
Calendula and Crocosmia.

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Rachel said...

I feel your pain! We've had the coolest July since the '60s. Even our May was the coolest on record! Everything is having a really hard time getting going.