Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer May Have Come At Last

So finally it looks like we will have a week of days with temps in the mid 70s. We made it. The plants seem to be bursting forth with pent up growth. Just a little sun and a few degrees makes all the difference.

Snap peas have begun to produce more than just a few for snacking while surveying the garden. And the tomatoes are looking great, almost all of them have blossoms, so I will need to do a detailed inspection to see which have set fruit.

Neighbor children have been over almost everyday to forage for raspberries. There are more than enough to share and we still have plenty for our cereal everyday and the occasional smoothie.

Lately all of the leeks I have harvested have had a hard, woody center. Still usable, but I think I may have left them too long. Here's confirmation that I did, and some great info on growing leeks from Garden Web, which holds a wealth of gardening information.
Garden Web / Leeks


Rachel said...

I wish our peas would last as long as yours. The powdery mildew has taken them over so we're just saving them for seed now.

Bangchik said...

You describe summer well through greens and fruits, and children foraging for raspberries completes the mood of summer. Hope your tomato develop well.