Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

A few warm days, hinting at spring, can make some gardeners lose their minds, and their good judgment.

Last week I started some seeds on the heat mat in the house. I wanted to get a head start on some of the plants that take a longish time to germinate, or things I might have trouble with, so I would have time for a second try.

So I started some Shiso, which I couldn't get to germinate AT ALL last year, and some Celery, which is difficult and takes a long time to wake up. I started some Basil, which I had problems with last year. I think I put it outside too soon and I lost a lot of plants to damping off. I also started some Cilantro and Dill, just to give them a head start.

And I started 12 of the Red Rocoto Peppers that were my obsession last summer. I think they still might be this year too. You can read more here, if you wish, Rocoto. I planted 12 in the hopes that I will have some to share at the 2nd Annual Spring Garden Exchange. I anticipate that it will be a good chance to do some proselytizing.

Anyway, the problem is that somehow, along with these sensible choices, I planted cucumber and pumpkin seeds. 2 kinds of cucumber! egad. As evidence that the heat mat is great way to wake seeds up and get 'em going, the Basil has poked it's tiny heads above the surface of the soil. And the cukes and pumpkin sprouts are ALL up and pressing against the plastic lid of this seed starting contraption, which is matter-of-factly named Germination Station. And it's been less than a week!

I knew I'd have to transplants all of these seeds eventually. The germination station is just a compact place to get lots of seeds started. But now I've got to do something about these over achievers, and soon. I'll transplant them into small pots, but they'll have to stay indoors for a few weeks at least, since it's still too cold outside.

I should have waited. These are fast growing, heat loving plants, and it's just too early. But that's what spring does to those of us with "the affliction".

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I'm new to your blog and finding lots of inspiration here ~smile~. I've added a link to your blog on my sidebar, under Urban Homesteaders. I'll be back!