Monday, June 15, 2009

Currently On The Menu

So what is actually available to eat from the Backyard Farm at the moment? Well lots and lots of lovely salad. This is a salad mix planted by William and Kaitlyn, 2 of my neighborhood Jr. Farmers. Yes, I am not ashamed to exploit child labor. Plenty of arugula too, even though it is quickly going to seed.

Swiss Chard and Mixed salad greens

Strawberry and Rainier Raspberry (unknown variety)

Bull's Blood Beet and Nantais Carrot (tiny, yet mighty)

Genovese Basil Chinese Broccoli (Gai Lan)

Coming Attractions

and the Manzano pepper is just about to blossom.

1 comment:

AJK said...

What lovely pictures! I love your hens, too back we can't see their faces, too busy munching. :-) I too am considering what goes in next. Thinking of starting another set of bell pepper seeds, beans, cukes and melons.