Thursday, March 15, 2007

Planning for Apples and Persimmons

Okay, I cut my finger doing it, but I grafted 3 new trees for my garden last weekend. A Fuyu Persimmon, a Hudson's Golden Gem apple, and a Cox's Orange Pippen. I also have an Empire apple that I grafted a couple of weeks ago when I learned how to graft.

Hopefully the fruit will taste as good as the names sound. All 4 trees will take about 3 years before they begin to bear fruit

Persimmon is particularly underrated. The orange orbs decorate the tree late into fall after the leaves have fallen. The fruit can be enjoyed crisp like an apple in salads or with cheese. Once it is more fully ripe it can be used in baked goods and puddings.

Persimmons have a rich, deep flavor, maybe like a combination of melon and pear. And when you slice them laterally they have the most beautiful star pattern inside.

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