Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Birds in the Box

So the chicken coop is finished and last week I brought the hens home.  I didn't want to start with chicks this time so I got birds that were about 5 weeks old.  From the available birds on offer at The Urban Farm Store I selected a Welsummer, a Silver Laced Wyandotte, and a Black Sex Link.
Finally finished, complete with lanterns.
3 Little Hens

They all seem to be adjusting to life away from the teeming cages of their first few weeks and the Welsummer has been asserting herself at the top of the pecking order by pecking at the other two.

And my little black beauty Pearl has been keeping a watchful eye on them.

For the first two nights I picked up the birds and placed them in the roost box.  By the third night they had figured out how to put themselves to bed, scrambling up the ramp and hopping into  the loft.  Pretty impressive for such small brains.

Pearl maintains a healthy skepticism of the new arrivals.

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